2012 Successes

January 19th, 2013

2012 has been an exciting year, full of challenges and full of opportunities. Although this year had been tough in the recycling industry, for USM metal has been plentiful. Through hard work, dedication, and wise decisions made in the past we have been able to make strategic improvements to our company.  As a result, 2012 has been full of growth and change, setting the stage for the future while remaining competitive in the present.

We have excelled in many areas with a continuously growing list of accomplishments.  In 2012, we successfully integrated two business acquisitions, added four additional locations, expanded into other processing areas, brought major equipment online and started expansion at USM Recycling in Alsip.

Here is a review of a few of this year’s highlights:

  • In 2012 USM’s copper volume increased greater than 400%.  This was the result of the successful integration of Premier Metals Recycling, which helped us to be exceptionally competitive in copper.  From purchasing, processing and sales, we are now one of the leading copper processors in the country.
  • With the successful addition of a second shift, USM is processing metal 14 hours a day.  As a result we have processed more metal than ever before.
  • In a ferociously competitive scrap market where the lack of scrap has caused us to fight for every pound, the USM sales team shines.   Having grown to one of the largest sales teams in Chicago, we have secured many new accounts including some of the biggest in USM’s history.
  • USMe was born two years ago. For the electronics assets division, 2012 was the turning point, featuring a redesigned demanufacturing line, audit room, retail stores and a sales force developing accounts coast to coast.  With the successful integration of BLH Computers in Springfield, Decatur, Jacksonville and Taylorville, USMe now employees over 40 people and is quickly becoming a leader in responsible electronics recycling. In addition, our BLH Computers locations now have the infrastructure to service customers in need of recycling metal as well as electronic recyclables in Central Illinois.

2013 holds much promise.  Our new wire chopping line is in full production and our USM Recycling facility has begun expansion into a full retail steel processing yard…and this is only the beginning. With the hard work and dedication of our employees and continued partnerships with our clients, 2013 is set up to be our best year yet!

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