USM is a Leading Processor of Off-Spec UBCs

July 14th, 2013

Although aluminum is the youngest of the nonferrous metals, it also holds the distinction of being the most widely used among them. Last year just over 3 million metric tons of aluminum was recycled in the United States.  Aluminum scrap has risen sharply during the past decade due largely to its tremendous energy savings compared with primary metal.

Aluminum beverage can recycling gets a lot of recognition across the country ranging from children collecting cans to help the environment; manufacturers recycling off spec and/or discarded items, and ending with consumers turning the scrap into new products.

USM continues to be a leading processor of off-spec UBCs (Used Beverage Cans) in the country. UBCs are processed at our Chicago facility, at USM Recycling in Alsip, Illinois and at USM Alumacycle in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Last year the U.S. recycled 1,762 million pounds of aluminum beverage cans. That translates to 60.9 billion cans collected during the year, which also represents an 8.9% increase in volume from the previous year.

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