Environment & Safety


Health and safety issues are top priorities at the USM companies.  USM is frequently recognized for its outstanding safety performance without a lost workday.  We maintain award winning safety levels at all of our companies with consistent and regular safety training for our valued employees.



With numerous safety awards and exemplary achievements, USM is a proud in environmental partner in processing and recycling scrap metals, saving it from landfills.

In 1997, while looking to expand its headquarters, USM voluntarily entered the Illinois Brownfield Program.  Under this program, USM did extensive clean-up work of the new property to ensure we were operating on clean land while also doing our part to protect the environment.  USM takes pride in the full recovery of the site, not only for the health and safety of our valued employees and the local area, but also for our current and future clients.  USM is inspected monthly by the Department of Environment and to date has not received any citations.