USM Acquires Premier Metals Recycling

Universal Scrap Metals Acquires Leading Chicago

Copper Scrap Recycler Premier Metals Recycling

Chicago, Illinois, February 2012 . . . Universal Scrap Metals (USM), a leader in the recycling of scrap metals, has acquired the assets of Premier Metals Recycling, a leading Chicago processor of scrap copper. With the acquisition, USM adds extensive copper recycling capability to the ferrous, non-ferrous, electronic and composite scrap recycling conducted by its current companies: Universal Scrap Metals, USM Processing, USM Recycling and USMe Electronic Assets Recycling.

“We are excited about the benefits we will gain from the synergy between our two companies’ operations. The addition of Premier’s knowledgeable employees and specialized technology, and copper recycling equipment will bolster our existing copper recycling operation and add significantly to our ability to serve our customers’ comprehensive needs,” says Jason Zeid, vice president of USM, and president of each of the other USM companies.

“We are also pleased about the benefits that USM’s electronics recycling  division will realize, namely expanded capability to process electronic scrap through the copper processing line.”

Todd Fingerman, former president of Premier, will head the new USM expanded copper operation, with the title of USM Director of Copper Processing. The Premier chopping operation, enhanced with new equipment, will be located in a newly built-out dedicated copper processing space at the USM headquarters facility at 2500 West Fulton Street in Chicago.

“We can assure Premier customers that the excellent service they received in the past will continue,” Fingerman states, “and is now backed by USM’s considerable size, stability and many years of experience in the recycling industry.”

In some cases, those customers were selling their copper to Premier and their aluminum to USM. For those customers, consolidating the two recyclers will simplify their recycling operations. Other customers, who might have been selling one material to Premier or USM and finding another source for their other metal recycling, can now benefit from having a single scrap recycling source.

“We will now be able to process copper even more efficiently with the improved equipment, and provide enhanced recycling capability for all of our customers,” points out David Lasky, USM Director of Sales & Marketing. “This acquisition is going to benefit everyone.”

“I am excited to see USM aggressively moving forward,” adds Barry Riback, USM President, “creating a secure path for the next generation.”

Universal Scrap Metals (USM) is one of the nation’s largest wholesalers and processors of scrap metal. The four operating companies buy non-ferrous, ferrous, precious metal bearing, used beverage cans, hi-temp alloys, electronic and composite metal scrap from industrial and manufacturing companies, recycling centers and independent scrap dealers. USM sells processed scrap to customers throughout the U.S. as well as in Asia, Canada and Mexico.

USM is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, contact USM at (312) 666-0011 or visit the USM web site at Contact USMe Electronic Assets Recycling Division at (312) 582-1888 or visit the USMe web site at