Universal Scrap Metals (USM) Acquires Leading Chicago Specialty Metals and Alloys Recycler Charter Trading Ltd

Chicago, Illinois, January 2015 . . . Universal Scrap Metals (USM), a leader in the recycling of scrap metals, has announced its acquisition of Charter Trading, Ltd., a leading Chicago recycler of industrially generated specialty metals, from high temperature alloy scrap to stainless steel, tungsten carbide, molybdenum and nickel, titanium and cobalt alloys. The acquisition will create USM’s newest division, USM Charter Alloys, adding extensive alloy recycling capability to the ferrous, non-ferrous, copper, electronic and composite scrap recycling that it currently conducts. The entire Charter Trading workforce will also join USM Charter Alloys, enabling it to continue Charter Trading’s long-standing tradition of excellent customer service and quality.
“We are excited about the benefits we will gain from this addition,” Jason Zeid, President of USM Charter Alloys. “We will leverage the synergies that exist between our two companies to expand USM’s already robust stainless and alloy business to another level, enabling us to continue to provide optimum pricing and complete solutions to our customers. We will also gain Charter’s more than 25 years’ experience in providing specialty nickel alloys to foundries and manufacturers throughout the United States.”
“I assure our existing Charter Trading customers that the service they received in the past will continue,” states Paul Sullivan former owner and president of Charter Trading, “and with the support of USM’s considerable size, stability and many years of experience in the recycling industry we will now be able to scale up Charter’s capabilities. In addition, USM’s larger sales force, operating through its multiple locations, will be able to introduce our special capabilities to a larger marketplace.”

“We will now be able to provide an integrated recycling capability for many more products and a much larger range of customers,” points out Holly Mraz, USM Charter Alloys general manager. “This acquisition is going to benefit everyone.”
Universal Scrap Metals (USM) is one of the nation’s largest wholesalers and processors of scrap metal. The four operating companies buy non-ferrous, ferrous, precious metal bearing, used beverage cans, hi-temp alloys, electronic and composite metal scrap from industrial and manufacturing companies, recycling centers and independent scrap dealers. USM sells processed scrap to customers throughout the U.S. as well as in Asia, Canada and Mexico.
USM is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, contact USM at (312) 666-0011 or visit the USM web site at Contact USMe Electronic Assets Recycling Division at (312) 582-1888 or visit the USMe web site at