Base Metals Group

USM goes beyond recycling by strategically joining manufacturers together. In 2015, Base Metals Group, a team of industry experts with over 150 years of experience, was formed. They have a vast, intimate knowledge of the manufacturing landscape and closely held long-term relationships. Base Metals Group is not only about creating the best recycling program, but making introductions and opening doors for their customers, which helps their businesses grow.

BMG specializes in the purchasing and processing of steel, stainless, high-nickel alloy, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and electronics from manufacturers, service centers, municipalities, contractors and distributors. We see providing competitive pricing and exceptional service as an expectation when working with a metal recycling company. We like to take it a step further. Our highly experienced recycling professionals will custom tailor a program specific to your needs. If high environmental and efficiency standards and certifications are a priority, our alignment with the uncompromised regulations we follow ensures your company peace of mind.