Built from the top down, USMe was developed for the exclusive purpose of proper electronics scrap disposal and recycling.  Unlike many companies who are not dedicated servicers of electronics grade scrap, USMe’s core competency is to understand the stringent compliance requirements of state, local and federal regulations for end-of-life electronic equipment as well as the severe penalties for failure to comply.   USMe is one of only 14 companies in the United States to be certified for Computer Hard Drive Sanitization.

We work with closely with our clients to customize our services for each unique business.  USMe integrates an efficient start to finish recycling program with a robust refurbishing process that offers an excellent return for resale products.  USMe lowers the client’s net cost of recycling, certifies the security of processing the electronics properly with complete confidentiality, all while ensuring full payment for consignments.

Integrating Precious Metal recovery into USMe’s business plan was a natural specialization due to the large amount of refining we do with electronic scrap.  In addition, the gold and silver hedging programs we employ use the real market value rates, offering the highest and best return on your Precious Metals.

Finally, USMe safeguards your focus material downstream to be in full compliance with our strict Zero Export, Zero Landfill regulations.

  • R2:2008
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ITAR
  • ISRI