Re: Essential Businesses (Recycling, Essential Manufacturing, Essential Services)

March 30, 2020

Dear Employee,

As an employee of USM (Universal Scrap Metals) we are permitted to continue operations under the shelter‐in‐place or emergency order currently in effect. USM is a recycling company that collects and processes industrial scrap metal from essential manufacturing companies. USM is also a provider of raw materials essential to manufacturing. These activities are listed as essential by State of Illinois order and by Department of Homeland Security.

We have already taken the steps to reduce our staffing to business critical only, to run a safe, compliant and reliable operation. Your physical presence at work is required to support USM’s operation, which cannot be accomplished remotely.

In your travels to and from work please keep this letter with you. In the event you are stopped on your way to/from work, by law enforcement, National Guard, etc. show them this letter and explain that you are an employee of an essential workforce and should be permitted to proceed. If you are not permitted to proceed please return home and call your Manager.

Thank you for all your hard work every day. This is an unprecedented event in our world’s history. Because of employees like you USM is helping to make a difference by ensuring that essential operations remain open.

It’s recognized and greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do!

Karl Schweitzer Operations Manager (312) 735‐6667

[email protected]