Universal Scrap Metals Newsletter

Vol. 1 • Issue 1 • July 2022

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USM Mission

USM strives to become incrementally better every day realizing that success is detailed and cumulative. We work on a daily basis toward serving our customers through consistent improvement of process, infrastructure, and employee safety, health, and satisfaction.

Since 1972, the USM commitment to excellence gives our customers peace of mind in knowing that their recyclables are processed in a safe and environmentally-friendly way that follows all EPA and accrediting environmental standards. We take pride in offering accurate, transparent reporting, and outstanding customer service.


Happy Birthday to all our June-July-August Babies!!!!

A few reminders as the days have gotten longer and warmer:

Remember to get your vacation request into your manager as soon as possible.

Also, we still need to be cautious when it comes to Covid. Don’t let the nice weather trick you into thinking it’s not a concern. Please stay safe and wear your mask — not only at work, but anytime you will be indoors and in close contact with other people.

Check your boots.

Are they worn out? Don’t forget, USM will reimburse up to $150 per year for a new pair of boots. All you have to do is bring your receipt to your manager to get reimbursed!

USM now offers English classes at the Fulton campus.

If you’re interested, please let your manager know. USM is also considering offering computer classes. If you are interested, please let your manager know.

We also offer many other resources for our employees like 401K and FSA

An arrangement through USM that lets you pay for many out-of-pocket medical expenses with tax-free dollars.

Thinking of buying a house or a car?

USM has partnered up with United Credit Union to help our employees get the best service and rates available.

USM Texts

Are you receiving them? If not, please get your phone number to your manager so it can be added or updated. You don’t want to miss important news and information, or if you are picked as one of the lucky weekly raffle winners.

Featured Employee

Natalio Ramirez

Natalio started with USM in October of 2016. He was hired to work at USMe as a sorter. He later transferred to Masters & Alloy where he trained to become a furnace operator. Natalio now is Masters’ lead person on the furnace. He enjoys sharing all the knowledge he has acquired while working at Masters while training our latest hires. He is an excellent worker who recently won USM’s $200 raffle.

Quote of the Month

“Your Talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”

— Lou Holtz

Joke of the Month

I’ve found a new genre of music. It’s a combination of heavy rock n’ roll, hip hop, and folk music.

I call it Scrap Metal.

Did You Know?

During World War II, scrap was very important. Recycled scrap metal was used to make bombs, ammunition, tanks, guns and battleships!

Have an idea?

Is there something you would like to see added to our newsletter?

Feel free to send us an email at: [email protected]

We can’t guarantee it will be added but we will certainly try!

 COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Dear USM Team Members,

The US Matters Team continues to meet on a weekly basis to discuss the status of the Covid 19 virus and would like to inform of the current Covid 19 situation within the USM community. We are pleased to announce that everyone remains safe and healthy and it is because that all employees continue to follow the prevention of disease guidelines. This is a tremendous accomplishment that we should all be proud of. 

The next task for the US Matters Team is to work with our current Clinics to set up a vaccination program for Covid 19 with the goal of being able to offer them on a yearly basis along with our Flu and Tetanus vaccinations. Although we remain eligible now for the vaccine, it has not been determined when we will be able to set up vaccinations internally due to low distribution in our area. However, there are many vaccination sites open to the public now that can be found by using the link below. We encourage everyone to take advantage and try to schedule an appointment for their vaccinations. 


Lastly, we would like to remind you that St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, and it will be very tempting to get together in large groups such as in restaurants or other common areas. We would like to remind that we encourage you not to gather in large groups as there is still a chance of spread outside the USM community.  

Please take care of yourself and let us know if there is anything that you need in the meantime. 

Thank you for all that you do.

Warm Regards,

The USM Covid Action Team

Estimados miembros del equipo  de USM,  

El Equipo de Asuntos de los Estados Unidos continúa reunándose semanalmente para discutir el estado del virus Covid 19 y desea informar de la situación actual de Covid 19 dentro de la comunidad del USM. Por favor, debemos anunciar que todos siguen siendo seguros y saludables y es porque todos los empleados siguen las directrices de prevención de enfermedades. Este es un logro tremendo del que todos deberíamos estar orgullosos.

La siguiente tarea para el Equipo de Asuntos de los Estados Unidos es trabajar con nuestras clínicas actuales para establecer un programa de vacunación para Covid 19 con el objetivo de poder ofrecerlas anualmente junto con nuestras vacunas contra la gripe y el tétanos. Aunque ahora seguimos siendo elegibles para la vacuna, no se ha determinado cuándo podremos establecer vacunas internamente debido a la baja distribución en nuestra área. Sin embargo, hay muchos sitios de vacunación abiertos al público ahora que se pueden encontrar mediante el uso del siguiente enlace. Animamos a todos a aprovecharse y tratar de programar una cita para sus vacunas.


Por último, nos gustaría recordarles que se acerca el Día de San Patricio, y será muy tentador reunirse en grandes grupos como en restaurantes u otras zonas comunes. Nos gustaría recordarles que  le animamos a no reunirse en grandes grupos, ya que todavía existe la posibilidad de extenderse fuera de la comunidad del USM.

Por favor, cuídate y háganos saber si hay algo que necesite mientras tanto.

Gracias por todo lo que haces.  

Saludos cálidos,

El Equipo de Acción Covid de USM

 Re: Negocios Esenciales (Reciclaje, Fabricación Esencial, Servicios Esenciales)

30 de marzo de 2020

Estimado Empleado,

Como empleado de USM (Universal Scrap Metals) se nos permite continuar las operaciones bajo la orden de refugio en el lugar o de emergencia actualmente en vigor. USM es una empresa de reciclaje que recoge y procesa chatarra industrial de empresas de fabricación esenciales. USM también es un proveedor de materias primas esenciales para la fabricación. Estas actividades se enumeran como esenciales por orden del Estado de Illinois y por el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional.

Ya hemos tomado las medidas para reducir nuestra dotación de personal a la propiedad empresarial, para llevar a cabo una operación segura, compatible y confiable. Su presencia física en el trabajo es necesaria para apoyar el funcionamiento de USM, que no se puede realizar de forma remota.

En sus viajes hacia y desde el trabajo pcontratode arrendamiento, mantenga esta carta con usted. En el caso de que se le detenga en su camino hacia / desde el trabajo, por las fuerzas del orden, Guardia Nacional, etc. mostrarles esta carta y explicar que usted es un empleado de una fuerza de trabajo esencial y se le debe permitir proceder. Si no se le permite continuar, regrese a casa y llame a su gerente.

Gracias por todo su arduo trabajo todos los días. Este es un acontecimiento sin precedentes en la historia de nuestro mundo. Debido a empleados como usted, USM está ayudando a marcar la diferencia al garantizar que las operaciones esenciales permanezcan abiertas.

Es reconocido y muy apreciado. ¡Gracias por todo lo que haces!

Karl Schweitzer

Gerente de Operaciones (312) 735‐6667

[email protected]

 Re: Essential Businesses (Recycling, Essential Manufacturing, Essential Services)

March 30, 2020

Dear Employee,

As an employee of USM (Universal Scrap Metals) we are permitted to continue operations under the shelter‐in‐place or emergency order currently in effect. USM is a recycling company that collects and processes industrial scrap metal from essential manufacturing companies. USM is also a provider of raw materials essential to manufacturing. These activities are listed as essential by State of Illinois order and by Department of Homeland Security.

We have already taken the steps to reduce our staffing to business critical only, to run a safe, compliant and reliable operation. Your physical presence at work is required to support USM’s operation, which cannot be accomplished remotely.

In your travels to and from work please keep this letter with you. In the event you are stopped on your way to/from work, by law enforcement, National Guard, etc. show them this letter and explain that you are an employee of an essential workforce and should be permitted to proceed. If you are not permitted to proceed please return home and call your Manager.

Thank you for all your hard work every day. This is an unprecedented event in our world’s history. Because of employees like you USM is helping to make a difference by ensuring that essential operations remain open.

It’s recognized and greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do!

Karl Schweitzer Operations Manager (312) 735‐6667

[email protected]