Universal Scrap Metals Newsletter

Vol. 1 • Issue 1 • July 2022

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USM Mission

USM strives to become incrementally better every day realizing that success is detailed and cumulative. We work on a daily basis toward serving our customers through consistent improvement of process, infrastructure, and employee safety, health, and satisfaction.

Since 1972, the USM commitment to excellence gives our customers peace of mind in knowing that their recyclables are processed in a safe and environmentally-friendly way that follows all EPA and accrediting environmental standards. We take pride in offering accurate, transparent reporting, and outstanding customer service.


Happy Birthday to all our June-July-August Babies!!!!

A few reminders as the days have gotten longer and warmer:

Remember to get your vacation request into your manager as soon as possible.

Also, we still need to be cautious when it comes to Covid. Don’t let the nice weather trick you into thinking it’s not a concern. Please stay safe and wear your mask — not only at work, but anytime you will be indoors and in close contact with other people.

Check your boots.

Are they worn out? Don’t forget, USM will reimburse up to $150 per year for a new pair of boots. All you have to do is bring your receipt to your manager to get reimbursed!

USM now offers English classes at the Fulton campus.

If you’re interested, please let your manager know. USM is also considering offering computer classes. If you are interested, please let your manager know.

We also offer many other resources for our employees like 401K and FSA

An arrangement through USM that lets you pay for many out-of-pocket medical expenses with tax-free dollars.

Thinking of buying a house or a car?

USM has partnered up with United Credit Union to help our employees get the best service and rates available.

USM Texts

Are you receiving them? If not, please get your phone number to your manager so it can be added or updated. You don’t want to miss important news and information, or if you are picked as one of the lucky weekly raffle winners.

Featured Employee

Natalio Ramirez

Natalio started with USM in October of 2016. He was hired to work at USMe as a sorter. He later transferred to Masters & Alloy where he trained to become a furnace operator. Natalio now is Masters’ lead person on the furnace. He enjoys sharing all the knowledge he has acquired while working at Masters while training our latest hires. He is an excellent worker who recently won USM’s $200 raffle.

Quote of the Month

“Your Talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”

— Lou Holtz

Joke of the Month

I’ve found a new genre of music. It’s a combination of heavy rock n’ roll, hip hop, and folk music.

I call it Scrap Metal.

Did You Know?

During World War II, scrap was very important. Recycled scrap metal was used to make bombs, ammunition, tanks, guns and battleships!

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