Universal Scrap Metals Newsletter Volume 3 | Issue 1 | June 2024

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USM Team steps up for co-worker

This February, Isaac Marroquin suffered a stroke at USM. Employees on site responded immediately and got him the medical attention he needed. Isaac is recovering well and is very appreciative of the $10,000 donation that came from our staff ($5,000) and USM’s match ($5,000).

“I want to say thank you to all my friends and USM for their support both physically and financially,” Isaac said. “The money that USM and my coworkers donated makes me feel very grateful and fortunate to call them friends. I will never forget what everyone has done for me. Thank you.”

Vending Machine Subsidy Increase

We’re doing some inflation-busting here at USM. Effective June 1, all hourly employees’ vending machine cards will be increased to $35 a month for food and beverages — an increase of $10 per month!

Featured Employee

Isaac Marroquin

Isaac, who is recovering from a stroke in February, is one of our hardest-working employees. He started out on the big shear cutting different metals and then was trained to use the big saw. Isaac always shows pride in his work, and pays special attention to safety measures. He appreciates the supportive, friendly and honest environment at USM.
Outside of work, Isaac enjoys spending time with his family. He used to play soccer, but now that he’s 68 years old, Isaac just likes to watch the game… and cop shows!
Isaac has one son who lives in California, and nieces and nephews who live with him in his building. They take very good care of him.

Employee Programs

Our employees’ contributions to USM are truly appreciated. The US Matters team meets every Friday to think up ways to improve your lives. Here’s a look at the initiatives USM is taking to make our employees’ lives better and improve our community:

• Weekly raffle
• English Classes
• Added computer classes to ongoing English classes
• United Credit Union
• Yearly Flu and tetanus shot clinic & Covid vaccine and booster shots
• Gas Subsidy
• Dave & Busters Family Party
• White Sox company outing
• Giving Tree
• Increase in uniform/boot allowance — Up to $200 for steel toed boots and up to $150 for work-appropriate clothing (subject to management approval).
• Increase in monthly vending machine subsidy to $35
• Increase in monthly grocery gift cards to $100
• $25 gift cards at Thanksgiving
• Friendsgiving celebrations at USM facilities
• Built 2 houses in Colombia
• Raised money for family of Alejandro Cervantes

Giving Tree

During the Holiday Season, the US Matters Team presented the Giving Tree. Children from USM families wrote letters to Santa and the elves of the US Matters team helped make their Christmas wish come true. We were excited to see how much they enjoyed the gifts.

Tips for Seasonal Allergies

We love the Spring & Summer weather, but sometimes the air can be troublesome. Here are some tips to reduce your allergy symptoms this time of year:
• Reduce Exposure to Allergy Triggers
• Keep Indoor Air Clean
• Rinse Your Sinuses


ESL classes are normally held on Mondays from 4pm to 6pm, and Computer classes are held on Tuesdays from 4 to 6.

USM is offering free English and Computer classes to employees. If you would like to join the class, just ask your manager.