Universal Scrap Metals Newsletter Volume 1 | Issue 2 | October 2022

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USM Mission

USM strives to become incrementally better every day realizing that success is detailed and cumulative. We work on a daily basis toward serving our customers through consistent improvement of process, infrastructure, and employee safety, health, and satisfaction.

Since 1972, the USM commitment to excellence gives our customers peace of mind in knowing that their recyclables are processed in a safe and environmentally-friendly way that follows all EPA and accrediting environmental standards. We take pride in offering accurate, transparent reporting, and outstanding customer service.

Credit Union partnership pays off for Adrienne Clark

A few months ago, the US Matters team wanted to find a way to help USM employees with their banking needs. In the past year, USM has established a partnership with United Credit Union to fill that need.

Adrienne Clark, an administrative assistant with USM Charter Alloys and Masters & Alloy, took advantage of the new partnership and wants everyone at USM to know about the wonderful experience she had with United Credit Union.

“I was getting ready to buy a car anyway, so it was perfect timing,” said Adrienne. “It was smooth, they got right back to me. Everyone in there was nice.”

After Adrienne had been approved for a car loan with United Credit Union, she went down to her dealership to buy her new vehicle. But the dealership was trying to tack on thousands of dollars to the car she wanted, and Adrienne refused to go above her loan amount. So she got her United Credit Union loan officer, Miss Suggs, on the phone with the dealership.

“I’m capable of negotiating myself, but she took the wheel,” Adrienne said. I cannot believe this woman — she’s amazing. She fought so hard for me, to the point that the manager came and intervened.”

In the end, Adrienne was able to purchase her car — a 2022 Mazda CX-5 — at the price she wanted.

“I literally paid for what the car was worth,” Adrienne said.

General Manager Holly Mraz hopes Adrienne’s experience with USM’s new financial partner is just the first of many.

“I’m so glad Adrienne was able to use this partnership to buy her new car,” said Holly. “United Credit Union is such a great resource to have for our employees. I hope that more of our employees take advantage of the relationship that the US Matters team has made available to them.”

Featured employee

Noe Hernandez

Originally hired in September 2020, Noe now is in charge of inventorying all material at the Fulton building. He works under Mark McQuen, who has been with USM for over 20 years. Mark says Noe is driven and a fast learner with a great personality. Noe is very focused and self-motivated. He has been taking the weekly English classes USM offers at the Fulton campus, putting him on track to become a manager. He is looking forward to continuing his English classes, and also would like to learn more about Excel and ROM. 

We are very excited for Noe’s future with USM!

Day at Dave & Buster’s

USM is hosting a fun-filled afternoon at Dave & Buster’s! You don’t want to miss this!

From 11am-2pm on Sunday, October 16th, USM employees and their immediate family are invited to join their co-workers at Dave & Buster’s in Addison (1155 N. Swift Road). The event is FREE!

There is still time to sign up! Let you manager know ASAP, or reach out to Holly Mraz at: [email protected].

$75 in groceries every month!

Every month for the rest of 2022, eligible USM employees will receive a $75 gift certificate to a local grocery store.

The first gift certificates were issued in September. The October, November & December gift cards will be issued mid-month.

The gift certificates can be used at two locally owned grocery store chains: Carnicerias Jimenez or Supermercados el güero. Employees will receive certificates for the store closest to their home address.
If a certificate from the other store is preferred, or if you have questions, contact Dennis Klein at: [email protected].

Winter is coming

As the days get shorter and the temperatures start dropping, we all will be spending more time inside. Please stay aware that we may see a rise in Covid cases. Continue to be cautious and safe and wear your mask — not only at work, but anytime you are indoors and in close contact with others.


USM is offering free English classes to employees from 4-6pm on Tuesdays at the Fulton campus. Iliana teaches English from Remedial to Advanced. If you would like to join the class, just ask your manager.

USM is considering offering computer classes. If you are interested, please let your manager know. We need to hear you to make it happen!

Are your boots worn out? USM will give you up to $150 per year for a new pair of boots. All you have to do is bring your receipt to your manager to get reimbursed!

USM offers many resources for our employees like 401K and FSA (An arrangement through USM that lets you pay for many out-of-pocket medical expenses with tax-free dollars)

USM Texts: Are you receiving them? If not, please give your phone number to your manager to be added to the list. You don’t want to miss important news and information — or if you are picked as one of the lucky weekly raffle winners!

Have an idea? Is there something you would like to see added to our newsletter?

Feel free to send us an email at: [email protected]

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